Invest early

Investing is about making your money grow over time. The earlier you start, the more time your money has to grow.

Investing as early as you can helps you achieve your investment goals. Because markets tend to trend upward over time, the earlier you “get in,” the greater the return you’re likely to see on the money you invest.

The longer you stay invested, the more you can benefit from compounding.

Compounding means that you gain returns not only on the money you originally invest but also on the interest it earns. Suppose you invest $100 and earn 5% interest, or $5. The next time your interest is calculated, you earn interest not only on your original $100, but on the extra $5 as well – or 5% on your $105.*

The difference may be small at first, but over time compounding substantially increases the value of your investments. The key is giving the compounding process as much time as possible to work to your benefit.

This chart shows how much you can benefit from starting your investment program early. Investing gives you more time to put money aside and more time to benefit from compound interest.

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