The right products for you

There are many ways to grow your money with investments. Scotiabank can help you find the investment product mix that’s right for you by sitting down face to face and discussing your situation and goals. This page offers some background about the products Scotiabank offers, and the factors that help determine which ones are right for you.

Find the Investment that fits your risk profile and needs

When it comes to finding the right investment products, there are three main considerations:

  1. Your goals
  2. Your timing
  3. Your comfort with risk

Goals and Timing. Some investors are looking for investment income right away. Some are saving for a particular mid-term objective, such as a child’s education or a new home. Others want to plan for retirement or increase their wealth over the long term, with slow, steady growth. Helping you clarify your expectations and set a reasonable timetable for reaching your goals are two of the first steps towards crafting the right investment plan for you.

Risk. The investments that yield the highest returns tend to carry the most risk, while investments that grow at a more moderate pace tend to be safer. No one wants to risk their money; each investor has to decide (with help from trusted advisors) on the balance they want to strike between risk and reward. Sitting down and discussing your options with your Scotiabank advisor will help you decide on the product mix most likely to achieve your goals and maintain your peace of mind.

Mutual Fund products